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September 2008

Sorry for the short notice on this one but we'll be playing at The West End Centre in Aldershot this Friday 26th September along with Colour, The Pluto & Acid But Why. Come one come all. Preferably all.

In other news, a couple of tracks from our last show have been posted to Youtube!

July 2008

Hi all.

Well, what can I say? It's been about 9 months since we last took to the stage (the Wheatsheaf in Oxford, I believe), before John departed the band for lands abroad.

So, What the hell's been going on in all that time???

Well, we took a little time out at the end of the year, as Harry and Jim were both in the process of buying houses, and, truth be told, I think we were all a bit aprehensive about practising as a three piece. Anyway, eventually we got together for a band meeting and Jim told his he didn't think he could commit as much time to the band as it deserved, as that guy has a lot going on a lot of the time. Sadly, Reuben, Jim's other band have also recently announced an 'indefinite hiatus'. You'll be missed guys...

But back to Caretaker, that left me and Harry up the proverbial 'shit creek' without a drummer, or a second guitarist... A lesser band might have decided that would be time to call it quits, but clearly after 9 years, 1 album and 2 EPs, and just 6 fans, Harry and I are too stubborn/stupid to quit.

So, we've got us another drummer, Sam Mitchell; a spritely young thing compared to us old rock dinosaurs, but we're hoping his youthful enthusiam will drag Hary and I towards finally completing our second album, 'Chinese Democracy', oh, wait.. apparently that title's taken

Anyway, we've been practising with Sam for a few months now, and he's doing great and we've finally booked a gig with the 'all new, all different' line-up. It's at one of our favourite venues to play, the Wheatsheaf in Oxford on September 6th. More details to come when we have them...

In other news Caretaker have started a facebook page. It will have largely the same content as the myspace page, but the only difference will be that people don't spam our message board with ads for mobile ringtones, so if you're that way inclined please 'become a fan'. Join us... JOIN US...

Oh, and here's what John left us for:

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